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Rainbow Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl

Our Heat Transfer Vinyl is great for creating full color, unique designs for cotton, polyester, and cotton/poly blend fabrics. Our Rainbow Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl can be cut with any vinyl cutter and heat applied using a standard iron or a heat press.

It is usually applied for all types of fabric like t-shirt, bags, caps etc.

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Product Introduction

This vinyl sheet is plenty large enough to create a full-front or back t-shirt design. If you're creating a children's shirt, it is usually large enough for two designs.

Rainbow Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl has a sticky carrier. This makes weeding small, intricate details a breeze. If you accidentally pull up a letter or part of your design, there's no need to panic. Just press the vinyl back down on the carrier and go on about your weeding.

Yanyan heat transfer vinyl applies at a lower temperature than most competitor material and can be peeled hot or cold, making it extremely easy to use.

Heat Transfer Process 

Transfer time

8-10 sec





Peeling method

Cold Peel

Hot Peel


Heat Transfer

Massive   production

7 working days,according to the quantity

OEM & Design



Cotton,Textiles,Fabric,Blend,Clothing,Leather   etc.

Design   Dimension


These parameters are for the regular products, different materials would have the different using rule. Before use, please test it according to the actual situation.

Packing Specification

Product Origin: China

Color: Multi-color

Shipping Port: Guangzhou or shenzhen

Lead Time7 days

Roll Package: Width 50 meters, Width: 50CM or 61CM.

Can be custom specifications according to customer requirements.

Multiple colours, please feel free to contact us for more details.

Operating Procedures

Operating Procedures